The greatest lover in France

Hi, my name is Goliath, a 20 years old art student
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things i want gaytiburones to draw :

  • storm spirit
  • thats all im asking for
  • pls
  • ill sell my soul
do not be embarrassed i am just a kind shark <3

ok do you actually know how much i love sharks though

AWW THANK U MY LITTLE CWUH-SAWWHHN-T we do not talk enough! I’m jumping in the shower to see a movie I HOPE YOU ARE DOING A FUN THING TODAY, TELL US ABOUT YOUR FUN THINGS— wait that came out weird

today i finished a commission so i can start on the new one and try to work on adoptables at the same time and i obligate us to talk more often because i love u and everything u do mwah

dausty sent: What kinda personality do you associate with Storm Spirit? Building off his quotes from DOTA 2, of course. And to balance out the questions: What's the dirtiest thing you could imagine him doing or happening to him?

storm wants to attract all the attention to him and be the star of the moment whenever he can, he’s very jovial and tends to try to share that with people. he is over excited most of the time and that can tire some people. idk what else i could say.

for the dirtiest thing he could do or at least one of them definitely dp

oops that was meant to be private mart

tutmart sent: Eyyyyyy HOW'RE YOU?

HELLO i am fine and sleepy and u

schottladen sent: How can I be as gay as you pls teach me goliath-sama

suck a whole bunch of dicks

that sounds like a good start

danteo replied to your post:talk to me

DAN !!! how are you. we don’t talk often and tht’s such a shame. u da best.

vaguesexual sent: who would you pair enigma's low hangers with

do you know how hard im trying to not say “my mouth”

Goliath: i have to draw them cuddling
Goliath: by cuddling i mean hardcore gay sex