The greatest lover in France

Hi, my name is Goliath, a 20 years old art student
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who unfollowed me. im going to find u. im going to KILL u.


when you make a joke and someone tells you “that’s not very nice”


remember that time i posted my tummy but actually it was a joke you couldnt see it well heres a real tummy pic

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i found this at a school i went to for a band related activity

How did you do in P.E. today ?

ok i suppose tumblr is boring tonight 


no you don’t understand im basically brewmaster

rubbing your hand against my chest hair is really cool you should try it

cut ur dick off they grow back

wow cool ok !!! it wont stop bleeding though do you have any solution to that ??

my suggestion: type uwu after every sentence for the next 4 hours without dying

no i would either die or go nuts and you know it

i bet like 10 people are gonna say “show your dick”

i was gonna say a post saying “aside from showing my dick” yeah

i wanna do something stupid for attention because im bored give me ideas


dont ask me why but i was thinking about safe words and i was like “wow maybe someday i’ll have to use one”

who knows what can happen to you in 10 years. maybe by the time i’ll be 30 i’ll have done hardcore bdsm without expecting it.