The greatest lover in France

Hi, my name is Goliath, a 20 years old art student
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NO like actual bras to wrap around your testicles AND ONLY YOUR TESTICLES

Nah but I’d eat pussy.

They’ve all died at least once.

fucking rip

warchiefeny replied to your post: “ok well frozen was really meh but let’s say it was good im changing…”:
I feel like if they spent longer on developing the story it would have been a better movie. It just feels kind of half-assed in that department.

nah the movie is definitely half assed that’s kind of upsetting

idk it’s comfortable. Sometimes shirts irritate me.

at least wear a shirt when you make a VINE

Olaf isn’t actually annoying in it and is a better character than the villain IMO. If its just about the design then yeah, I get it.

yeah no actually it’s really just about the design i can’t

see his fucking face without getting angry

They weren’t the final models, though. They used the Tangled models for testing the textures.

because yeah they’re defiintely not still copy-pasted from tangled

The spectacle when it finally goes will truly be an amazing sight to see.

The Death of a Thousand Furries

The shitstorm would be so big that I’m fairly certain someone would be nosy enough to uncover some scandal. FAP wasn’t as popular and when that got shutdown there was still a shitstorm.

fa is one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to the internet

That still sounds pretty shitty.

warchiefeny replied to your post:heck ye
Excellent choice.

the art is pretty bad tbh but why not

u r welcomb

one million kisses for U

warchiefeny sent: Psst, happy birthday, I forgot to send a message earlier. My apologies.

big green eny embarassed about forgetting a birthday

One boy in a group of ten thousand women? Nope, sorry ladies, everyone’s a man.

that’s literally it